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About Seva Vikas

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Welcome to Seva Vikas

Youth are the prime movers of the humanity and champions of social change. Well educated and trained population provides enormous potential for economic and sustainable social development of the nation. In effect, youth development is viewed as a secured investment opportunity and critical component of wealth management both at the family and societal levels. Against this truism, the reality check of youth employability is very alarming as hardly 20% of young graduates passing out of campuses are employable and the rest are reckoned as unemployable. It is not due to their lack of theretical knowledge but due to absence of proper mix right skills and attitude required for gainful employment. Hence, the need to craft suitable skill development programmes channelizing the youth energies properly for economic growth.

Conscious of this criticality and committed to pursue the ideal of sustainable youth holistic development, SEVA (SAI'S EMPLOYABILITY AND VIKAS ACADEMY), registered under Societies' Registration Act, strategic focus is that youth development is not merely for a livelhoood but also for their meaningful and purposeful pursuit of quality living which would ultimately pave for realizing secured and stable social order.

To realize this objective, SEVA focusses on two pronged knowledge management model. SEVA counselling sessions enhance emotional and life skills among the youth whereas the classom coaching strengthens conceptual content and stabilize through regular mock tests.

Focus on Employability

Everybody aspires to secure some respectable position, survive and sustain in the growing complex and turbulent 21st century globalised village. Career is not a destination. It is a journey commit to pursue with whole-hearted devotion and dedication coupled with consistency of the tasks performed. Career progression is not by chance but out of one's conscious choice realized out of constant pursuit of one's goals.

Talent is an embodiment and cumulative manifestation of domain skills and networking /soft skills of an individual at the appropriate situation. Functional talent, money and satisfaction are by-products of the right talent. Thus, there is an imperative need to develop core competencies for their secured future among our educated youth.

SEVA Service Profile

SEVA facilitates the interested educated youth in acquiring both employable skills and life skills required for all competitive exams-State Public Servce Commission, PSUs, Staff Selection Commission, defense, etc. SEVA has identified and effectively designed a learning programme covering 45 areas of study as a common skill set with which the candidate can confidently face nearly 25 competitive exams in the country.

Focus on Vikas

Education is more than mere facts filling exercise, but it is inclusive of acquiring analytical skills and positive mental frame with problem solving ability. Education is not a mere product for employment but a process for over-all human development transforming him/her into a useful citizen, a more productive human resource for ensuring stable and sustainable social order. SEVA highlights the importance of timely qualitative input in the form of academic insights, translate such inputs into skilling abilities for securing respectable and desired career choices though proper employable skill interventions. These interventions would usher in meaningful outcomes in the form of Vikas both at the individual level and at the institutional level. In other words, the trigger point of SEVA is to guide the intersted youth at all phases of their career-- the initial entry into the job world is to secure some productive avocation, survive all the odds attached to the position and persevere to achieve the further heights as part of career progression. In all these stages, SEVA commits to guide the aspiring young minds to excel in their chosen fields through individual-specific counselling sessions.

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